California Architects BoardArchitect

As we walk around any neighborhood, downtown area, school campus, hospital or park and gaze at houses, high rise buildings, and well-planned plazas, the work of architects like you and others like you envelops us every day, over time having created some of the most beautiful spaces conceived by the human mind.

Your job as an architect is to create function, structure and beauty by designing, planning and supervising the creation of spaces that are safe, useful and aesthetically pleasing. You work hard to satisfy your clients’ needs while following guidelines set forth by local codes, laws and regulations.

The education you received to become an architect was formidable and the reputation and client base you’ve built is a testament to those years spent in study, apprenticeship and practical application. This makes your architect’s license a highly valued possession.

Architects can be held responsible for structural failures, shoddy planning, and health, safety and welfare issues, among other concerns, leaving them vulnerable for class action and other types of lawsuits. If you are an architect whose license is being attacked, it is vital to have a license attorney on board from the onset to help you through the maze of statutes and case law needed to defend it. Rose Law has expert license attorneys on hand to help you keep your livelihood intact. Call us at (800) 456-3767.

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