Land Surveyors

Land Surveyors in CaliforniaAs a land surveyor, you are the go-to person for city planners, developers, engineers, mapping specialists, miners, oil drillers and other professionals who need to plan their work around the features of a particular area.

When we see a commercial or retail space going up or begin to appreciate the beauty with which homes or buildings are set into the existing terrain, we know that before any dirt was moved, a land surveyor was there to study the topography and measure distances to infrastructure. But land surveyors are also involved in mapmaking and land division as well as researching titles, deeds, and other records, making you the authority on a particular area before dirt is moved and equipment arrives to transform it into its finished product.
Licensed land surveyors hold the highest position within the field of surveying. You are expert records keepers, compiling notes, records and sketches to describe and certify work performed while coordinating findings with the work of engineering and architectural personnel as well as clients.

Even more importantly, you assume legal responsibility for your work, as evidenced by your license, issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists. Should your license fall prey to accusation in a lawsuit, it’s wise to have a professional license attorney on your side as you maneuver the red tape and bureaucracy involved in defending it. Rose Law, reached by calling (800) 456-3767, stands ready to represent your interests and help you keep your livelihood intact.

Civil Engineers

As a member of one of the oldest and most respected professions, your job as a civil engineer is important to the past, present and future of our great land.

Dating back thousands of years until the present time, civil engineers have been the ones responsible for the world’s bridges, tunnels, highways, airfields, and harbors as well, supervising the construction of such projects to ensure that they are built according to carefully drafted plans. We stand in awe as you design and help to build our infrastructure — streets, transportation, sewer, and water systems – all the elements that make living spaces in urban and suburban environments work and function as a unit.

Whether you are employed independently or by government agencies, construction companies, building materials manufacturers, engineering or architectural firms or you or you teach at colleges or universities, you are artisans few countries can do without. Your specialized talents are exacting, considering first and foremost the safety of the thousands of people who will use the structures you design and build.

Working as a civil engineer demands strong aptitudes for mathematics and the physical sciences as well as the ability to think logically and creatively to be successful. And although your extensive training, education and experience serves to offer you a degree of protection, your license (along with others who are responsible for the viability and safety concerns of large-scale projects) can come under attack from a number of the entities you serve.

If your California license has become the target of accusations, you need a competent license attorney on your side to navigate the laws, red tape and frustrations of defending it. Don’t go it alone. Call us at (800) 456-3767 for more information.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer in CaliforniaPowering our lives are mechanical engineers, who work with machines that produce, transmit or use power. As a mechanical engineer, you also help create mechanisms that convert natural energy sources into practical uses, making you an important player in our nation’s future.

Mechanical engineering is widely recognized as one of the most expansive engineering disciplines. As you work in tandem with other engineers and scientists, we recognize your ability to design and develop machines that produce diverse sources of energy — from car and aircraft engines to power saws, air conditioners, elevators and even nuclear reactors. And while mechanical engineers generally specialize in one area of engineering, we admire your broad expertise and the years of academic excellence and training it took for you to get to where you are.

Mechanical engineers whose work affects life, health or property and offer their services to the public must be licensed in the state of California. Exams are administered and licenses are granted by the Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists.

If you are a mechanical engineer looking to begin your career and are finding roadblocks to receiving your California license, or are in the throes of defending your current engineering license, don’t take it upon yourself. You need a seasoned engineer license attorney to help you maneuver the red tape and relieve the stress – someone who knows the ins and outs of your type of license and the “mechanics” of the governing board it was issued by. Call Rose Law at (800) 456-3767.


Whether you are called upon to analyze the soils condition for a future construction project, study the caldera of an active volcano, analyze the depths of the oceans or study rocks from a different planet, your job as a geologist is one that can stimulate the imagination of people of all ages.

As experts in “earth processes,” geologists prepare reports, summarize the fieldwork of others, take samples, and interpret data as well. Your work as a geologist can range from a simple soils test to examining sample cores taken from the bottoms of tropical oceans or from beneath the polar ice caps.

Some geologists study volcanoes, maintaining a watch over seismographs (especially vital here in California) and other monitoring equipment in an effort to protect communities from the destructive effects of an eruption by providing early warnings of an impending event. And while there are administrative duties involved in your work as well, it nonetheless leaves you and your fellow geologists worldwide to take on some hazardous tasks few of us would consider.

But even if you work in a less hazardous consulting position, your work as a geologist is important, whether collecting information for the planning and design of structures like tunnels, dams and bridges or providing the most accurate information on the effects of an area’s geology for a given a project to help promote and preserve the safety of the public.

The education and dedication it took you to become a licensed geologist through California’s Department of Consumer Affairs’ is a path worthy of note, involving years of focus, hard work, and practical experience. Don’t take the procurement of that license for granted by attempting your own defense should your license become challenged. Rose Law, with its staff of experienced license attorneys, can help. Call us at (800) 456-3767.


Floods. Earthquakes. Erupting volcanoes. Geophysicists provide insights into the worlds of physics, geology and the atmospheric sciences as your apply your considerable knowledge to gain knowledge of and help predict the possible effects of natural phenomena.

Your job is a demanding one, requiring more than just a few years of schooling and practical application. As a geophysicist, you may dive into the study of continental drifts, atmospheric pressures, earthquakes and sometimes even other planets, but many of you and your fellow geophysicists concentrate on one of two main branches of your science – seismology or volcanology.

Your employment at private companies, corporations or government agencies usually finds you earning well over the average income, depending on your level of experience and specialization as a geophysicist. These entities often make plans using the data you and other geophysicists uncover, helping to shape public policy and give us a glimpse into the future as well.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists governs your California license. If you are now being asked to defend that license you worked so diligently to earn, it is vital to have an experienced license attorney at your side. Rose Law offers competent, seasoned legal representation for geophysicists finding roadblocks to licensure as well as those whose licenses have come under scrutiny and accusation. Call us at (800) 456-3767.

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