Cemetery Brokers, Managers & Salespeople

Funeral Director or CounselorProviding for and overseeing the places our loved ones are laid to rest involves cemetery brokers, cemetery salespeople, and cemetery managers, all serving different functions.

Cemetery brokers deal in the sale, exchange or lease of cemetery property or interment services. Brokers oversee their staff of cemetery salespeople, who negotiate the sale of tracts of earth, crypts or mausoleum space.

The person we are most likely to meet, however, is the cemetery manager, who directs cemetery services, oversees workers, cares for gravesites and buildings and arranges burial details. If you are one of these individuals, we appreciate your willingness to deal with the business and caretaking matters of vast memorial parks.

Your licenses are issued and governed by the state of California’s Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, who can make it difficult for you to obtain your license at the start or through whom others can issue accusations against your current license. If you find yourself in either predicament, facing the loss of your livelihood, don’t go into it without a legal representative. Rose Law is here to help. Call one of our competent license attorneys today at (800) 456.3767 for more information.

Funeral Director

Funeral Director in CaliforniaFew individuals can match the quality of compassion and sensitivity displayed by the nation’s funeral directors when dealing with the loss of a loved one. As a funeral director, your job centers not only around the serving the immediate needs of the deceased but also around comforting those in grief, making you an unusual human being.

While being a funeral director is not for everyone, few know that you take enormous satisfaction in your ability to provide well-organized, appropriate services and to console grieving family members and friends.

Your concern with carrying out the services according to wishes left behind by the deceased as well as the requests by family members place you in the unenviable position of taking care of tasks too overwhelming for family members to face.

From preparing the deceased for potential viewing and burial to writing obituary notices to engaging clergy, pall-bearers and cemetery personnel, your duties make you wear many hats as you deal with loss on a daily basis. And while some services are nonreligious, many reflect the family’s beliefs. As a funeral director, you must be aware of funeral and burial customs for many faiths, ethnic groups, and fraternal organizations as well.

We know you do your best to cultivate a friendly environment and compassionate demeanor towards families, but we also respect the administrative duties you face, including keeping meticulous records of expenses, purchases, and services provided.

All states require funeral directors to be licensed. In California, the Department of Consumer Affairs Cemetery and Funeral Bureau is your governing agency. For more information on how may get legal help in obtaining your license or defending your funeral director’s license against an accusation, call us at (800) 456-3767. Our seasoned professional license attorneys may be able to help solve these issues.


When families and loved ones are steeped in grief and sometimes disbelief over the death of someone they care about, you are the person to whom they turn to prepare the body for viewing, making it appear as lifelike as possible and preserving it long enough for people to travel from far and near to view it to say their final farewells.

It’s not a topic many people want to chat about. In western cultures, catering to the needs of the dead is dealt with out of public view, making your job as an embalmer unusual yet admirable as well. If we stop to consider it, however, taking care of the dead is as noble as taking care of life, its history dating back thousands of years.

It took a good deal of preparation for you to become an embalmer, with years of study and apprenticeship. If you are seeking your California license from the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cemetery and Funeral Bureau and have experienced roadblocks, or if you are the victim of an accusation threatening your current embalmer’s license, you need a competent license attorney on your side. Rose Law’s seasoned attorneys are versed in license law and representation. Call us at (800) 456-3767 to speak with a license attorney today.

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