Landscape Architect

Beautiful gardens, tree-lined boulevards, colorfully lush parks, and meticulously landscaped front or back yards; scenes like these are only part of the outdoor beauty created by you and your fellow experts as landscape architects.

Your ability to design outdoor spaces while working alongside contractors, builders and architectural firms helps outdoor spaces flow seamlessly with the feel and utility of a given building, making your artistry among the most prized in the housing and building industries.

Unlike landscape designers, who can render drawings and lay out plans, you are responsible for safety features, soil conditions, existing landscaping, grading and complying with local ordinances. One of your talents is to include time projections in your designs, allowing your clients to visualize a space five or ten years in the future — a key planning component — since it may take several years for plants and trees to become established.

Among your duties as a landscape architect is to act as a project manager, taking responsibility for inspecting the site, confirming changes are made correctly by landscape contractors, and dealing with any challenges along the way. Although this means you are in charge of and responsible for the project until his or her client has signed off on the finished product, your duties can also be open-ended, since many of your clients schedule follow-up meetings for several years to ensure that the design is maturing as expected.

Landscape architects’ licenses can easily become vulnerable to challenges and accusations. The results you achieve as a landscape architect, in the eyes of some clients, may not match those clients’ original perceptions or resemble the renderings that were originally submitted to them. For these reasons and more, you should not go into court unarmed when defending your license, issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Landscape Architect Technical Committee. Rose Law provides cutting-edge representation as experts in licensing law. Call us at (800) 456-3767 for information on how we can help.

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