Pest Control Operator, Applicator, Field Representative

Pest control applicators, field representatives and operators are more in demand than ever before, with about one in every five households hiring a professional pest control company to handle this bothersome task. As highly trained pest control company managers, salespeople and workers, we know you possess the level of knowledge required to solve pest problems.

Your heightened emphasis on identification, inspection, and selection of the best methods in each situation has replaced the routine spraying of baseboards and other surfaces, as was done in the past, making pest control a science all its own. In a society where homeowners take a “less-is-more” approach to the use of pesticides and chemicals, your industry has undergone a lot of change over the past few decades. Anyone can spray baseboards, but few people have the knowledge required to control every type of pest in every situation.

In California, most mortgage companies and banks dictate that a pest inspection be required before they will lend on it. Proof must be furnished so that full disclosure of the condition of the structure as it applies to pest infestation can be offered to the bank, the owners and the potential buyers as well. This includes detection of termites, cockroaches, mice and any other situation where pests pose a threat to human health or compromise a structure’s integrity.

California also requires all three separate designations — pest applicators, field representatives and operators — to carry a license issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Pest Control Board. If you are applying for your license but are finding obstacles in obtaining it or your current license is being threatened by an accusation, you need a seasoned, competent license attorney on your side to help you navigate the paperwork, do the research and abide by the prescribed timelines. Call Rose Law to speak to a pest control license attorney at (800) 456-3767.

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