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License Trouble With the California Dental Board?

  • Are you under investigation by the California Dental Board, or afraid you will be soon?
  • Have you recently been arrested or convicted in criminal court and worry  this will affect your professional license?
  • Is your California Dental Board license being revoked, suspended, or placed on probation by an accusation?
  • Has the California Dental Board denied your license application with a statement of issues?

If so, you’ve come to right website. Our short video will explain to you what you need to now right now — in under two minutes!

Protect and Defend your Livelihood

Your California Dental Board license is by far one of your most valuable assets. The time, money, and personal effort you have invested in educating yourself and achieving licensure by the California Dental Board is significant. When your professional license is threatened with revocation, suspension, or probation by an accusation, or when your application for licensure is denied with a statement of issues, your entire livelihood is threatened. You must act promptly.

You Have Legal Rights

You have the right to defend yourself by demanding a trial before an administrative law judge where you can confront and cross examine witnesses, and challenge the investigative findings of the California Dental Board. You may issue requests for discovery, subpoenas to compel the appearance of witnesses and documents. You may call witnesses in your own defense, including fact, expert and character witnesses, and introduce mitigation evidence to context. You may challenge the Boards decision to the superior court.

Don’t Risk Going It Alone

Don’t waste valuable time and risk your California Dental Board license trying to do this yourself. You may irretrievably forfeit important legal rights by simple mistakes, and by not knowing how to approach this crisis. Hiring a knowledgeable license defense attorney early during the investigation stage of your license discipline case can considerably improve the likelihood of a positive outcome for you. Contact our law firm now to confidentially discuss your situation with an experienced professional license defense lawyer.

California Dental License Defense Attorneys

Are you facing a license investigation, accusation, or statement of issues by the California Dental Board? Our law firm’s experienced legal team of license defense attorneys, paralegals, lawyers, and professionals can help you protect your dentist license.

Dental Board of California License Defense Lawyers

It’s all about making teeth last. As a dentist, no one knows better than you how to make our smiles reflect the best of who we are, maintaining that smile with the latest in dental technologies and treatments.

We begin our journey with you as a child as you explain to us that dental care is made up of much more than periodic visits to the dentist. Your calm, reassuring manner and the explanations you offer as we sit reclined in your dental chair are vital to the way we think of taking care of our mouths for an entire lifetime. For kids, dentistry has evolved from bribing young patients with rewards (for enduring what parents remember as torture) to lobbies filled with soothing music, aquariums, and video games.

For adults, the science of dentistry has undergone a metamorphosis over the last few decades with advancements in local anesthesia and the refinement of both dental aesthetics and tooth whitening techniques. Among the most notable advances, however, is digital radiography, serving to significantly reduce radiation and enabling you to enlarge and manipulate images in order to better diagnose decay and bone loss.

In addition to all the magic you now perform to make our teeth beautiful, “pain free dentistry” is finally a reality as well. Anesthetics are much more powerful than just a decade ago and when combined with agents such as nitrous oxide, a dental visit can truly be a pain free, rewarding experience.

California Dental Board License Defense Attorneys

Here at the offices of Rose Law, we know how many years it took for you to earn your doctorate in dentistry and how competitive it is to maintain a thriving practice during both good and bad economic times. Your California license, governed by the Dental Board of California, is the vehicle that makes your practice possible. If you are relocating to California from another state to set up a practice here or are finding yourself in the position of defending your California license against charges or disciplinary action, you need a seasoned license attorney on your side to navigate the red tape.

Call us at (800) 456-3767 for more information on how we can help.

California Dental Assistant License Defense Lawyers

Are you facing a license investigation, accusation, or statement of issues by the California Dental Board? Our law firm’s experienced legal team of license defense attorneys, paralegals, lawyers, and professionals can help you protect your dental assistant license.

Your manner is calm and reassuring as you get us settled into the dental chair, attach a bib around our necks and expertly set up an array of tools that will be used by the dentist to treat our dental problems. Because of skilled dental assistants like you, we don’t question the sterility of the area or the tools that will be used. And it can sometimes be an amazing thing to watch as you intuitively anticipate what the dentist will need even before he asks for it.

Your ability to perform office and laboratory duties while providing different types of patient care stems from schooling, experience and a kind of dental “bedside manner.” And although most of your skills as a dental assistant are learned on the job, we know your schooling included courses in biology, chemistry, and aspects of health care as well.

Dental Assistant License Defense Attorneys in California

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for dental assistants is excellent, making this type of work almost recession-proof, as this occupation is projected to grow faster through 2018 than other on-the-job training occupations.

To become a licensed dental assistant in the state of California, you must deal with the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Dental Board of California, an entity also capable of making it difficult for you to obtain your license or keep it once you have procured it. Should you run up against these difficulties, call us at Rose Law right away at (800) 456-3767. Our experience license attorneys may be able to help.

California Dental Hygienist License Defense Lawyers

Are you facing a license investigation, accusation, or statement of issues by the California Dental Board? Our law firm’s experienced legal team of license defense attorneys, paralegals, lawyers, and professionals can help you protect your dental hygienist license.

Preventative care is a growing art form in the medical and dental fields, and no single individual performs more preventative care procedures on a daily basis than a dental hygienist.

As you work in one of the fastest growing occupations in the country, your primary function is to prevent serious dental health issues and dental-related diseases in patients. In addition to explaining proper oral hygiene, you also educate patients on the connection between nutrition and dental hygiene, promoting healthy eating habits as well. And as you clean and polish our teeth, you examine us for gum disease and other issues that can affect our current and future dental health.

In addition to taking x-rays, applying fluoride treatments and using sealants, you are a skilled artisan, making casts of the mouth and crafting teeth for crowns and prosthetics. Your ability to keep records of our medical and dental histories enables you to keep us on top of our dental health before diseases or conditions develop. Like nurse practitioners in the medical field that now assume many duties once reserved only for physicians, dental hygienists have seen the scope of their duties increase over the past decade as well. Where many of our grandparents expected to lose their teeth in old age, with the good dental hygiene practices promoted by dental hygienists, we can expect to keep ours for the duration. Public awareness of the importance of dental health on the overall health is consistently on the rise because of you and others like you.

Dental Hygienist License Defense Attorneys in California

Becoming a dental hygienist required dedication skill and a true desire to help and educate others, so we know your dental hygienist’s license, governed by the Dental Board of California, is one you take seriously. If you are a dental hygienist-to-be and are finding roadblocks to getting licensed or you have been included in a lawsuit that threatens your current license, don’t go it alone in defending your reputation and hard work. You need a skilled license attorney on your side; one who has already navigated these waters. Call Rose Law at (800) 456-3767 to speak to an attorney today.

Disciplinary Guidelines, Laws, and Regulations for the Dental Board of California

Disciplinary guidelines and information can be found on the board’s website by following this link:

Laws and regulations governing nursing can be found on the Dental Board of California website by following this link:

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