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License Trouble With the California Department of Real Estate (DRE)?

  • Are you under investigation by the California Department of Real Estate, or afraid you will be soon?
  • Have you recently been arrested or convicted in criminal court and worry  this will affect your real estate license?
  • Is your real estate license being revoked, suspended, or placed on probation by an accusation?
  • Has the Board of Real Estate denied your agent or broker license application with a statement of issues?

Lawyers Defending Real Estate Agents & Brokers in California

If so, you’ve come to right website. Our short video will explain to you what you need to now right now — in under two minutes!

Protect & Defend Your Livelihood

Your California Department of Real Estate license is by far one of your most valuable assets. The time, money, and personal effort you have invested in educating yourself and achieving DRE licensure is significant. When your real estate license is threatened with revocation, suspension, or probation by an accusation, or when your application for licensure is denied with a statement of issues, your entire livelihood is threatened. You must act promptly.

You Have Legal Rights

You have the right to defend yourself by demanding a trial before an administrative law judge where you can confront and cross examine witnesses, and challenge the investigative findings of the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). You may issue requests for discovery, subpoenas to compel the appearance of witnesses and documents. You may call witnesses in your own defense, including fact, expert and character witnesses, and introduce mitigation evidence to context. You may challenge the decision to the superior court.

Don’t Risk Going It Alone

Don’t waste valuable time and risk your real estate license trying to do this yourself. You may irretrievably forfeit important legal rights by simple mistakes, and by not knowing how to approach this crisis. Hiring a knowledgeable California Department of Real Estate (DRE) license defense attorney early during the investigation stage of your license discipline case can considerably improve the likelihood of a positive outcome for you. Contact our law firm now to confidentially discuss your situation with an experienced real estate license defense lawyer.

California Department of Real Estate Defense Lawyers

Are you facing a license investigation, accusation, or statement of issues by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE)? Our law firm’s experienced legal team of license defense attorneys, paralegals, lawyers, and professionals can help you protect your California real estate license.

Real Estate Broker License Defense Attorneys

Real Estate Broker in CaliforniaThe saying goes that there may always be another stock to buy, but land is finite. Whether they help with the negotiation and transfer of residential or commercial properties through sale or lease, it is America’s real estate brokers who are poised to make things happen.

We know that your job as a real estate broker is a huge one, from obtaining agreements from owners to place properties for sale to monitoring the fulfillment of purchase and/or lease contracts to acting as go-betweens between buyers and sellers and even arranging for financing. You may also manage a team of real estate salespeople (agents who work under your license), making sure proverbial the buck stops with you when emotions run high and challenges are presented during real estate transactions.

The general public may be unaware, however, that you must also maintain a keen knowledge of real estate law, monitor local economies, be versed on fair housing practices and the continuously evolving menu of real estate financing programs as well. You are responsible for checking work completed by loan officers, attorneys, appraisers, inspectors, escrow and title officers, tax assessors – all to make sure yours or your agents’ clients are going into their investments with all cards on the table.

We also know that earning your California broker’s license, earned through the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Real Estate, took hard work and sacrifice on your part, either by spending years in the field as an agent or by earning an undergraduate or even a law degree. Your license can also be a frequent target for accusations when parties in real estate transactions feel they have been wronged, both now and in the past. Don’t take the defense of your broker’s license lightly by attempting to defend it on your own should it become challenged, revoked or suspended, possibly robbing you of your livelihood.

Rose Law has experienced license attorneys ready to help navigate the tight time frames and legalese in California license defense cases. Call us at (800) 456-3767 to speak to one of us today.

Real Estate Agent License Defense Lawyer

Are you facing a license investigation, accusation, or statement of issues by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE)? Our law firm’s experienced legal team of license defense attorneys, paralegals, lawyers, and professionals can help you protect your real estate agent license.

As a real estate agent salesperson, you are among the entrepreneurial thinkers of our great land. Your ability to assist buyers, sellers, landlords and renters in negotiating, researching and completing real estate transactions takes hard work, confidence, tact and professionalism – all done in the hopes that your name will become the first person clients and former clients will think of when a real estate-related need surfaces again.

We know you by your smiles, your open house signs, your postcards and your contributions to and participation in our local communities, making you an integral part of the business landscape. The role of the real estate agent has been recently featured on reality-based cable television shows, showcasing the roles you play in making the American Dream possible, but also pointing out the realities of local real estate markets as well, especially in these days of challenging economic times.

Appraisers, inspectors, stagers, loan officers, escrow and title officers, tradesmen; the cast of characters with whom you interact behind the scenes is a big one, since all of these people are vital to helping any transaction become complete. And through all the emotion and financial wrangling that happens during the purchase and sale of real estate, you are the ones who must remain cool-headed, logical and protective of your clients’ interests, strictly observing the rules and regulations for real estate transactions set up by the California Bureau of Real Estate and disclosing anything materially vital to all parties involved.

We know that real estate agents walk on eggshells as well. Your liability, even though you are managed by a real estate broker, is a huge one should something go awry during a transaction either now or in transactions you have handled in the past. Real estate is, after all, one of the largest investments consumers make in their lifetimes. For that reason, a real estate salesperson’s license is frequently named in lawsuits, challenging your ability to continue in your livelihood.

Don’t take chances with your hard-earned license. Call Rose Law at (800) 456-3767. We are attorneys who understand real estate license law and have successfully defended real estate licenses from accusations, revocations, fines and suspensions.

Protect & Defend Your Livelihood

Call Rose Law at (800) 456-3767 to speak with a California DRE license defense attorney about the investigation or accusation against you.

California Department of Real Estate (DRE) License Defense Attorneys

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