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License Trouble With the Respiratory Care Board of California?

  • Are you under investigation by the Respiratory Care Board of California, or afraid you will be soon?
  • Have you recently been arrested or convicted in criminal court and worry  this will affect your Respiratory Therapist license?
  • Is your Respiratory Care license being revoked, suspended, or placed on probation by an accusation?
  • Has the Respiratory Care Board of California denied your license application with a statement of issues?

If so, you’ve come to right website. Our short video will explain to you what you need to now right now — in under two minutes!

Protect and Defend your Livelihood

Your Respiratory Care Board of California license is by far one of your most valuable assets. The time, money, and personal effort you have invested in educating yourself and achieving Respiratory Care licensure is significant. When your chiropractic license is threatened with revocation, suspension, or probation by an accusation, or when your application for licensure is denied with a statement of issues, your entire livelihood is threatened. You must act promptly.

You Have Legal Rights

You have the right to defend yourself by demanding a trial before an administrative law judge where you can confront and cross examine witnesses, and challenge the investigative findings of the Respiratory Care Board of California. You may issue requests for discovery, subpoenas to compel the appearance of witnesses and documents. You may call witnesses in your own defense, including fact, expert and character witnesses, and introduce mitigation evidence to context. You may challenge the decision to the superior court.

Don’t Risk Going It Alone

Don’t waste valuable time and risk your Respiratory Care license trying to do this yourself. You may irretrievably forfeit important legal rights by simple mistakes, and by not knowing how to approach this crisis. Hiring a knowledgeable Respiratory Care Board of California license defense attorney early during the investigation stage of your license discipline case can considerably improve the likelihood of a positive outcome for you. Contact our law firm now to confidentially discuss your situation with an experienced license defense lawyer.

California Lawyers Defending Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners

Are you facing a license investigation, accusation, or statement of issues by the Respiratory Care Board of California? Our law firm’s experienced legal team of professional license defense attorneys, paralegals, lawyers, and professionals can help you protect your Respiratory Care license.

Respiratory Care PractitionerIsn’t it wonderful to say that your job, as a respiratory therapy care practitioner is to preserve the breath of life? Your other monikers might be “respiratory therapist” or “inhalation therapist,” but whichever title you use, you treat patients with breathing difficulties and work with all age groups from infants to the elderly. As a respiratory care therapist, you also operate and maintain respirators, ventilators, and other types of breathing equipment.

Whether you are employed in a hospital, where you treat victims of illness or injury, or a home health care agency, helping stroke victims, those with lung disease and emphysema, or working with an ever-growing population of sleep apnea patients, we know you care deeply about what you do.

California Respiratory Therapist Defense Attorneys

We also know training to become a respiratory care practitioner took years of education, examination and practical application. To practice in California, a license is required through the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Respiratory Care Board. The projected growth of the middle-aged and elderly populations is expected to increase the risk of heart and lung disease, and more respiratory therapists will be needed.

Protect Your Respiratory Therapist License

If you are an individual seeking your California license and are facing obstacles in obtaining it or are already an RCP whose license is the subject of investigation, it’s important to engage the services of a seasoned license attorney and not attempt defending your license alone. Call Rose Law at (800) 456-3767 to speak to one of our expert license attorneys today.

Respiratory Care Board of California Defense Attorneys

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